DSF brand won the recognition of domestic and foreign customers, casting a higher brand awareness, loyalty and reputation.

The marketing team has 20 years of import and export management experience and marketing experience, and they are young and passionate, which can provide you with fast and convenient service. Mean while, we have a high-quality professional and technical team experienced in quality management and research and development of goods like fruit and vegetable products, prepared food, etc. We can produce new products according to the customers’ demand, and help the clients sales to the market. We will, as always, be committed to the principle of “reputation first, customer first”, and always put the interests of customers first. We will try our best to offer each of our customers best products and highest quality service.
For the convenience of our clients, we have branches in USA, Brazil and Australia, trying our best to promote products. At the same time, we import the foreign high-quality products and sell them to Chinese market. Promoting international economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation, we promise to provide the best quality products and service to the domestic clients.



Marty Hao
Elina Shan
Susan YAN
Rose Wang
Hongchao Dong

$1,050.00/Metric Ton
5 Metric Tons(Min. Order)
$3,700.00 - $5,600.00/Metric Ton
10.0 Metric Tons(Min. Order)

Prepared food

$2,000.00/Metric Ton
2 Metric Tons(Min. Order)
$2,900.00/Metric Ton
5 Metric Tons(Min. Order)
$2,925.00 - $3,125.00/Metric Ton
8 Metric Tons(Min. Order)
$1,200.00 - $1,500.00/Ton
5.0 Tons(Min. Order)

Fresh fruits and Vegetables

12 Tons(Min. Order)
5000 Kilograms(Min. Order)
$380.00 - $420.00/Ton
12 Tons(Min. Order)